How it works?
Step 1
Doctors and Medical Representatives, register and set up accounts at myreps.in platform.
Step 2
Create network of respective Representatives and Doctors on myreps.in platform.
Step 3
Start experiencing the brand new Medical sales representation with myreps.in features.
for Doctors
Rep Visits
Know about representative visits and the purpose of their visit in advance.
Find Representatives
Search and find representatives by brand name and request for Sample, Demo, Brochures, Catalogues and Quotations in seconds.
Contact or communicate with reps of Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic or Healthcare services without need of mobile number.
for Representatives
Plan Your Visits
Know your doctor availability/accessibility details without visiting clinics and plan your visit in advance.
Save Time & Energy
Reduce long clinic waiting times and unnecessary traveling between clinics for doctor appointments.
Get Found
Get found or be accessible to your doctors for handling product related issues and for better customer support.
If you are a
Medical Doctor
By registering here you can
  • Search and find reps by brand, company or rep name in needs.
  • Know about representative visits & their purpose in advance.
  • Contact/communicate with any rep with a single click.
  • Receive product monographs or catalogues from representatives.
  • Request samples/references/demos to respective reps from anywhere.
Register as Doctor
If you are a
By registering here you can
  • Know doctor availability without visiting clinic & log your visits in advance.
  • More guaranteed interaction chances with less clinic waiting time.
  • Be found by doctors with your name, company or brand name.
  • Add referable product information for doctors’ knowledge updating.
  • Deliver samples or references to right doctors in right times.
Register as Representative

Doc-Rep interactions are vital

Experts believe Doctor – Representative educational interactions are vital and inevitable for better healthcare delivery to patients. These can’t be avoided but can be streamlined. Medical reps and companies strive to bring and present, customized or tailor-made knowledge for doctors based on their preferences, interests and practice.

In India, approximately 1 million medical reps are working and nearly 200 million doc-rep interactions are happening monthly. We believe in facilitating and improving quality of these interactions will do a lot good for healthcare delivery system in India.

Why MyReps?

2010-2014 nearly 16% of Super Specialist Doctors, 23% Specialist Doctors and 9% General Practitioners either closed doors for reps or restricted their access to reps.

More and more healthcare innovations and advancements of Pharmaceutical, Bio-tech, Software, IT and Wearable Medical devices are resulting in heavy medical rep rush at clinics and less interaction time for everyone.

There is no clarity and co-ordination among medical reps, leading to lack of knowledge about which rep is planning to visit which doctor and at what time. So, most of the times there is heavy rush at clinics resulting in clinics jammed with reps.

What we intend to do?

For Doctors,

We are providing an online platform for doctors to connect, communicate and manage medical reps without disturbing their workflow. So, doctors will feel very comfortable with their medical rep visits and interactions.

Doctors can know in detail about a Rep who visit them, when they visit and what they promote. Rep search feature helps doctors to find and communicate reps by their company, division or brand name. Visiting cards are outdated and doesn't stay on doctor's table forever.

What we intend to do?

For Representative,

We are providing an online platform for medical reps to connect and coordinate among themselves to plan their visits accordingly without creating big rush at clinics.
In addition, reps can know about doctor availability without visiting clinic and log their visit in advance flexibly with our fairer appointment system. Reps can update their purpose of visit in advance.

We are also offering utilities like My Planner, to improve quality of work and to increase standards of medical representation in India. Moreover we have a plan to associate with Medical Rep associations to reduce work related issues with our technology support.
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