About Us

Our Vision

We wanted to be the most respected and easy to use technical platform for Healthcare professionals to connect and interact with Medical Sales industry

Our Mission

  • High standard and organized Medical Representation.
  • Most effective doc-rep educational interactions.
  • Reducing all types of resource wastage.

  • Product

    Until now, doctors have lacked a standardized tool to efficiently manage their interactions with sales reps. Reps will stack up in patient-waiting room or parking lot hoping to see doctor with unsure of accessibility details of doctor. Most of the times reps are welcomed in as an uninvited guest than expected visitor. Some times doctors have been in need of particular sample/information and unable to contact those Reps due to lack of contact information.

    We have decided to develop some amicable and acceptable solution for above problems from our available limited resources. From these efforts MyReps.in idea happened. MyReps.in’s goal is to provide a service to the medical industry by streamlining interactions between Medical Reps and Doctors. This service is designed to aid Doctors/Hospitals manage Medical Reps and provide Medical Reps with a fairer more efficient appointment system. MyReps.in is a Mission Driven Social Initiative for Safeguarding Medical Representation Profession and Providing quality work life for Doctors and Medical Representatives.


    We are a group of enthusiastic like-minded people from Medical Sales industry with 10+ years of field experience. We have associated with Opus Spark team and worked for quite some time to develop this product. We have taken present Indian representation system as a base to develop this unique algorithm. This product may not solve every problem of Doctors and Reps, but surely it will solve major problems of streamlining reps with very minimal human intervention. We are hoping you will find this service as a useful tool and surely it will become important part of your work life. We are requesting every Doctor and Medical Rep of India should become volunteer of this social initiative and take good part of this campaign by advising or referring to some more people, who are in real need of this service. (Inspired from SWACCH BHARAT ABHIYAN)

    If you would like to know more information please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact us directly.

    Thank you.

    MyReps Team

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